Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to Be a Happy Family

Being a happy family depends on how the family treat each other. When one is jealous of the other, there is friction instead of friendship between brothers or sisters. Each child should be treated special from the time they were born. No two are the same, and the children should each be loved for who they are.

Family that share with each other, create a happy atmosphere at home. Sharing with each other instead of hiding from each other makes each family member feel important and cared about.Parents should treat each child by who they are. Never compare one with the other.

Never make promises that might not be able to be kept. Do not pit one child against the other. Each member of the family is part of the whole family. Listen to each of them with patience and interest.

Parents should want their children to be happy. Create a happy atmosphere when they are young. They will learn to give back the good and kindess they receive. Parents guide and the young follow. When they grow older, listen and respect what they say. Adult children have learned from your teachings.

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